Ryan Jordan

Another day in the tattoo shop

Tattoo Artist

A Tattoo is something that I produce, but it's actually something that produces in me and my client. The finished tattoo captures what words can leave behind. I consider myself nothing less than a visual orator of human life, for better or worse. When you see my tattoos, I think you'll see the passion and the visual story that the tattoo itself shares.

Tattoo art

Mixed Media Artist

I love to  create art through many other applications outside of skin. If you are interested in commission art work, please send me a contact form through my site. I would love to make your ideas come to life. 



As an artist I am fully committed to the best finished product I can deliver.  I always look to improve. From taking seminars to studying techniques. I am always looking to push towards being the best artist I can. 

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Visually Speaking Tattoo

1749 W. Main St. Suite 4 Mesa,AZ 85201




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