Tattoo Aftercare instructions


Following these steps are extremely important to the overall healing and quality of your tattoo. PLEASE don't take aftercare lightly. It is an essential part of making sure your investment in your body art is protected.

  1. Leave Saniderm adhesive bandage on for 5 days. 

  • If you have any redness around the edges of the wrap please remove immediately and follow after care instructions post Saniderm
  • If you know water has gotten into the wrap you must take off the wrap immediately and follow post Saniderm instructions  
  • You will see fluid and ink under the wrap. THIS IS NORMAL. If you were to clean the tattoo without the Saniderm applied to it, you would have the ink and blood transferring to the paper towels you would clean it with.  This will not ruin the tattoo. I have been using Saniderm for almost 5 years now. It works fantastic. Trust that I would not want you to have a bad heal or a poor quality tattoo just the same as you. My name is attached to your art and I take that very serious.

                 2. When it is time to remove the Saniderm, do so in the shower. 

  • Warm water will help in moving the wrap   
  • Pull the wrap off slowly and towards the tattoo
  • When pulling the wrap keep your hand close to the skin as you pull to keep the tension down on the skin.  Do not pull away from the skin. 
  • Take your time pulling the wrap off as the skin will still be healing underneath. 

                 3.  Once the wrap is off wash the tattoo with Dial Gold Antibacterial soap 

  • Use ONLY PUMP STYLE soap.  Bars of soap in the shower will have bacteria on them that can infect the tattoo  
  • Wash tattoo thoroughly. In a  CIRCULAR motion making sure to not have your fingernails come in contact with the skin.   Wash a second time to make sure that the tattoo is completely clean. 
  • After you get done washing the tattoo dry the tattoo off with paper towels for the next few days. Bathroom towels have bacteria.  
  • IF YOU CAN'T keep Saniderm on for any reason then you are to wash the tattoo with the same DIAL GOLD ANTIBACTERIAL PUMP soap 3 times a day and apply a thin layer of Fragrance Free Lotion after washing and drying the tattoo with paper towels
  • Start the process of applying lotion to the tattoo generously from here on out 3 times a day.  Make sure when applying lotion that you rub it into the skin thoroughly to be absorbed.  Tattoos are not healed in a week or two. Tattoos can take weeks and sometimes  a month or more to fully heal. Treat your tattoo as such.